Umaron Dome 9m2

Our smallest dome by its measurements. Fits perfectly to a smaller garden or to summerhouse.
We only use quality materials, for coating (cover), frame (carcass) and for finishing.
Dome’s standard properties:
– Thick 4 mm tempered glass
– Weatherproof plywood
– RAL colour used
– Ventilation opening
– Lockable door
– 5 year warranty

The dome is easy to install.

When we were designing our domes. One of our objectives was to make it in such a way that our clients could install it themselves.
Therefore, the delivery for our dome is more affordable than for other similar sheds (auxiliary buildings).
Also it means that our dome can be delivered all over the world.

All RAL colours are represented.

Ordering one of our domes, we give you the choice to choose between all the RAL colours.
We can also paint the frames between glasses, the frame (carcass) and the door.

Choice between 3 different types of glasses.

There are 3 different types of glasses for the dome. These are:
- 4mm clear tempered secutity glass

- 4mm pronze or gray tempered secutity glass

Dome’s measurements. Compact, but big enough.

Height until 2,6 m

Diameter 3,4 m

Area 9 m2

Frame (carcass) height 0,7 m